About us.

We are a small company doing big things.


Vogue Shipping Services is not your ordinary shipping company. It is a business enterprise intent on transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, without complicating or compromising current shipping norms.

Across the country or across the world, Vogue Shipping Services and its team of vastly experienced professionals provide "in-vogue", world-class freight-moving solutions to suit your every need.

Our global network of trade routes – by sea and air. Our company moves over 500 000 tons of cargo per annum, to and from Southern African Ports, utilizing a wide range of ship types. With a wide-ranging bouquet of services and a dedication to developing and nurturing close working relationships with our clients, Vogue Shipping Services is your company of choice.

It is a company whose values of integrity, commitment, professionalism, trust and service, both importers and exporters have come to openly embrace in the knowledge that their property is always in our safe hands. Shipping freight globally every day is what we do. Providing you with peace-of-mind is what we offer.

Vogue Shipping Services…. a company setting new trends every day.